Lower noise, lower power consumption, higher flow rate, more features, lower price

Conch Wave Maker

Lower noise, lower power consumption, higher flow, more features, lower price. . .

The new generation of Conch Series have launch at 28-4-2012 into the market. User have feedback to us from the past one year, we have continuous improvement it, shall not perfect, but the price has reached the same level first. On noise, power, flow, function, maintenance, and low rate of revisionism similar products are ranked first, second, between the price is the lowest!
Conch Series RR Series with different designs, Conch series is a high-flow diffusion and making waves in one set, RR series is to focus on high-traffic making waves based. Benefiting from Conch Series control system improvements resulting success, RR series has also been improved to RR3 were 1-6-2012 series launched in the market or a combination of the different needs of the user can be feedback Conch series and RR3 series combined in the same system be used.
RR Series by users in the past criticized the same level as the highest traffic, but stability is not good, noisy when there is a complaint, not a low rate of revisionism. But in RR2 series launched after all complaints have been dropped, revisionism was still at 5-7%, but since last new series Conch series and RR3 series launch, complaints and revisionism rate of less than 1%!
After years of the new system developed based on user feedback and improvement suggestions. Such as noise reduction, independent flow regulation, independent of flow time of four independent rotation switch, natural patterns, made ​​waves unlimited wireless connections on the same system, the basic function of making waves, synchronous / asynchronous, automatically find waves. . . . . The most important is the Conch series RR3 series of medium and small three and made ​​a wave of consolidation in the same system, regardless of any angle adjustment made ​​stream, or both made ​​waves made ​​waves made ​​stream can have the best results!